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Short Film "Midlife Crisis"
Midlife Crisis Poster 2_laurels.jpg

A middle-aged couple’s fight about what to order in a restaurant turns into a questioning of their relationship’s survival.

Written and directed by Ramata Eller and Charles Germain.

Actors: Cristen Stephansky, Brian Mac Ian, Kirk O'Neal and Ramata Eller

Won Best Micro Short Award at YouFilmFest 2022

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Short Film "Aunt Mildred's House"
48hr 2022 poster.jpg

When friends and visitors start disappearing, a detective makes a visit to Aunt Mildred’s House.

Writers: Ramata Eller, Connie St. John, Alan Field, Deryl Davis, Mira Kelly and sheri ratick stroud.

Director: Connie St. John

Actors: Mira Kelly, Tonya Fitzpatrick, Donna Deter, Danielle Davy, Sofia Sandoval-Ferriss and Ramata Eller.

48 Hours Film Project, Team WIFV

Genre: Dark Comedy

Won a Spirit Award

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